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Small Business

No matter what size business you have, Spikefish Solutions understands that you need your computers, Wi-Fi, email, and phones to be secure and reliable.  Our managed IT services will ensure your business is running smoothly and efficiently and is ready for anything.

Cyber Security

Businesses are expanding, employees are increasingly mobile, and infrastructure is moving to the cloud.  Every device and connection has become an attack vector. Spikefish works to simplify your networks and get your security under control.  Improve workflows, automate infrastructure, and elevate your team's security posture.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud adoption is transforming businesses is ways never thought possible.  With applications and services moving out of the data center, your network and security architecture has never been more important.  Spikefish Solutions has the experience to help ensure your business has reliable and secure cloud infrastructure.


Networks are the backbone of any size business.  Without proper data communications, internet, Wi-Fi, and phones, businesses come to a halt.  Spikefish Solutions provides unique solutions to help solve your unique networking challenges to keep your organization up and running.  With expertise in multiple vendors, we have solutions that can keep your business up and running.


Enterprises have unique challenges that go beyond traditional IT operations.  Spikefish has assisted Fortune 100 companies elevate their entire IT infrastructure to support the latest technologies in security and networking.  Spikefish Solutions provides staff augmentation, project support, enterprise integrations, and more.

ICS/OT Solutions

Protecting Industrial Control Systems has become a major challenge for utilities, grid operators, and industrial organizations. As ICS and OT environments become more integrated with IT systems, the need for secure and reliable networks has become increasingly challenging.  Spikefish Solutions can help your organization become more resilient, reliable, and compliant in this critical space.





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Tel: 1-786-774-1411

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